hrp0094p2-248 | Growth hormone and IGFs | ESPE2021

Reduction in pappalysin and stanniocalcin levels explain the decrease in IGF-I bioavailability in anorexia nervosa

Martin-Rivada Alvaro , Guerra-Cantera Santiago , Campillo-Calatayud Ana , Camarneiro Ricardo , Graell Montserrat , Barrios Vicente , Argente Jesus ,

Background: Pappalysins (PAPP-A, PAPP-A2) and stanniocalcins (STC-1, STC-2) are novel regulators of the GH-IGF axis, modulating IGF bioavailability through control of cleavage of IGFBPs and release of IGF from the ternary complex. Changes in the peripheral IGF system, including low IGF concentrations independently of GH secretion, have been reported in scenarios of malnutrition such as anorexia nervosa (AN). The role of pappalysins and stanniocalcins in the pa...