hrp0095p1-374 | Sex Differentiation, Gonads and Gynaecology, and Sex Endocrinology | ESPE2022

Is testosterone supplementation required after induction of puberty in Duchenne muscular dystrophy? A follow-up study

Wood Claire , Mitchell Rod , Guglieri Michela , Straub Volker , Cheetham Tim

Introduction: Pharmacological doses of glucocorticoids (GC) reduce inflammation and preserve muscle function in boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) but cause almost universal pubertal delay. Long term consequences of GC on androgen status in young men who have received testosterone for pubertal induction remain unknown.Objective: To determine the longer-term outcome after a 2-year pubertal induction regimen using...

hrp0086rfc2.5 | Bone & Mineral Metabolism | ESPE2016

Growth Patterns and Fractures in Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Insights from Over 800 Boys in the UK North Star Cohort

Joseph Shuko , Bushby Katherine , Guglieri Michela , Horrocks Iain , Ahmed S Faisal , Wong S C

Background: There is little information on growth and fractures in boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).Objective & hypotheses: To determine the extent of growth & skeletal morbidity in a contemporary cohort of DMD in the UK.Method: Clinical details of 832 boys with DMD in the North Star database (2006–2015) from 23 centres were analysed following categorisation into five age groups: A:<5 years (n, ...