hrp0094p2-423 | Sex differentiation, gonads and gynaecology or sex endocrinology | ESPE2021

Diagnostic dilemma in a patient with central precocious puberty: Ovarian steroid cell tumor

Balki Hanife Gül , Ata Aysun , Karayazılı Ayşe Merve , Serin Gürdeniz , Koç Gonca , Özdemir Necmettin , Çelik Ahmet , Özen Samim , Gökşen Damla , Darcan Şükran

Ovarian steroid cell tumors (OSCT) are rare sex cord stromal tumors of the ovary and comprise <0.1% of all ovarian tumors. We herein report a case of an OSCT in a 9 year old girl patient who presented with central puberty preocious unresponsive to gonadotrophine relasing hormon analog (GnRH) therapy. A 9 year old girl presented with breast development noticed 4 months ago and menarche 3 months ago. Her height was 141,5 cm (+1,3 SDS), body weight was 35.4 kg (+0.9 SDS) and...