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Challenges of Gender Assignment in Disorder of Sex Development (DSD) in Developing Countries

Aftab Sommayya , Manzoor Jaida , Shaheen Tahir , Hira Noore , Talat Nabila , Bilal Muahmmad , Iqbal Nasir Sajid , Tahir Warda , Usama Aziz Muhammad , Bari Attia , Ullah Ehsan , Mansoor Bugvi Saima , Bashir Shabnam , Akber Maida

Background: Gender assignment in children with disorder of sex development (DSD) is a key step in their management and needs detailed assessment. In developing countries, children with DSD are often presented late, due to lack of awareness and social stigmatization, which makes management more challenging.Methodology: Retrospective review of complex DSD cases (karyotyping different from current sex of rearing), presented...