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Hormone Replacement Therapy After Pubertal Induction in Adolescents and Young Adults with Turner Syndrome: A Survey Study

Dowlut-McElroy Tazim , Kanakatti Shankar Roopa

Objective: The majority of individuals with Turner syndrome (TS) experience Primary Ovarian Insufficiency requiring hormone replacement therapy (HRT). As the international consensus guidelines are unclear on the optimal formulation and dosing for HRT after pubertal induction in adolescents and young adults (AYA) with TS, our aim was to assess the current HRT practice patterns of endocrinologists and gynecologists.Methods:</strong...

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A Prospective Clinical Trial of Vosoritide in Hypochondroplasia: Baseline Demographics and Preliminary Results

Dauber Andrew , McCarthy Tara , Zhang Anqing , Merchant Nadia , Boucher Kimberly , Dham Niti , Kanakatti Shankar Roopa

Objectives: Vosoritide is a C-type natriuretic peptide analog which binds its receptor on chondrocytes, leading to increased chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation via its inhibition of the ERK1/2-MAPK pathway. It was recently approved for increasing linear growth in children with achondroplasia. This is the first study to examine the safety and efficacy of vosoritide in children with hypochondroplasia.Methods: Th...