hrp0095p1-43 | Diabetes and Insulin | ESPE2022

The spectrum of paediatric diabetes subtypes from a single center in a highly consanguineous region

Anne Amaratunga Shenali , Hussein Tayeb Tara , Nabaz Muhamad Sediq Rozhan , Karem Hama Salih Fareda , Dusatkova Petra , Pruhova Stepanka , Lebl Jan

Introduction: Monogenic diabetes has been estimated to be 1 - 6% of all diabetic cases in European countries which are primarily non consanguineous populations, while the incidence in highly consanguineous areas is insufficiently defined. However, the genetic aetiology of monogenic diabetes has been shown to be widely different in areas with prevalent consanguinity compared to areas with lower rates. In this single-centre study, we aimed to evaluate the preval...