hrp0092p2-110 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity | ESPE2019

Pubertal Milestones and Related Hormonal Changes Among Children with Obesity

Stein Robert , Kempf Elena , Gesing Julia , Stanik Juraj , Kiess Wieland , Körner Antje

Background and Objective: Obesity is known to affect pubertal timing. However, existing data are still controversial, observing either delayed or accelerated pubertal onset, especially among boys. Herein, we evaluated pubertal milestones and underlying hormonal changes between lean and obese children.Material and Methods: We examined 13,484 events from 4,855 lean (BMI SDS <1.28) and 1,983 obese (BMI SDS > 1.88) c...

hrp0089p2-p142 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity P2 | ESPE2018

Children with Obesity are Taller in Early Childhood with Subsequent Catch-down Growth Until Adolescence

Kempf Elena , Vogel Tim , Kratzsch Jurgen , Vogel Mandy , Landgraf Kathrin , Sergeyev Elena , Kiess Wieland , Stanik Juraj , Korner Antje

Context: Childhood obesity is supposed to affect growth and development in children but there is uncertainty with regard to dynamics and potential causes. We analyzed differences in age-related growth patterns of obese and normal-weight children and their association with circulating endocrine and metabolic factors.Objective/Design: In a large German childhood cohort from Leipzig including 7986 children (22793 data sets) we compared cross-sectional and l...

hrp0097fc8.1 | Fat, metabolism and obesity 2 | ESPE2023

Aberrant expression of agouti signaling protein (ASIP) as a new cause of monogenic severe childhood obesity

Landgraf Kathrin , Kempf Elena , Stein Robert , Hanschkow Martha , Boczki Paula , Kühnen Peter , Kiess Wieland , Blüher Matthias , Körner Antje

Here we identified and characterized a heterozygous tandem duplication at the ASIP (agouti-signaling protein) gene locus causing ubiquitous, ectopic ASIP expression in a female index patient with extreme childhood obesity. In patient-derived adipose tissue samples, we observed pronounced differentiation of stroma-vascular fraction (SVF) cells into adipocytes in the patient compared to normal control cells. We further found reduced mitochondrial maximum respir...