hrp0094p1-79 | Fetal Endocrinology and Multisystem Disorders A | ESPE2021

Concurrent hyperinsulinism and hypopituitarism in a 22 month old child due to a novel FOXA2 mutation

Kilci Fatih , Hurmuzlu Kozler Selen , Jones Jeremy , Ceylaner Serdar , Mine Cizmecioğlu Jones Filiz ,

Introduction: Co-existence of congenital hypopituitarism and congenital hyperinsulinemia is extremely rare. We present a case of congenital hypopituitarism and hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia with a novel FOXA2 mutation.Case: A 22-month-old girl was referred to pediatric endocrinology due to short stature. She was the first child of healthy, non-consanguineous parents with no relevant family history. Delivery was by cesarean secti...

hrp0094p2-474 | Thyroid | ESPE2021

Recurrent fractures in a child with Graves' disease

Kilci Fatih , Jones Jeremy , Çizmecioğlu Jones Filiz Mine

Introduction: Graves' disease is the most common paediatric cause of hyperthyroidism. Although hyperthyroidism has been reported to cause a decrease in bone mineral density (BMD), its association with recurrent bone fractures is extremely rare.Case: A 10-year-old male patient, who had a pre-existing 7-year diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, presented to emergency with right leg pain that started after collision with an armchair. On initial exami...

hrp0094p2-42 | Adrenals and HPA Axis | ESPE2021

A case of adrenal insufficiency during the course of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C)

Kilci Fatih , Kozler Selen Hurmuzlu , Jones Jeremy , Doğan Kenan , Aydın Duygu , Mine Cizmecioğlu Filiz ,

Introduction: Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) is associated with Covid-19. MIS-C was first reported in April 2020 with similar symptoms to Kawasaki disease and has several treatment options, one of which is glucocorticoids.Autopsy studies in Covid-19 patients have shown degenerative adrenal changes.It has been reported that rarely Covid-19 may affect adrenal function and cause both primary and secondary adrenal insufficiency.Here we prese...

hrp0094p2-165 | Diabetes and insulin | ESPE2021

Co-existence of new onset diabetic ketoacidosis with severe hypertriglyceridemia in a 9 year old girl.

Kilci Fatih , Kozler Selen Hurmuzlu , Jones Jeremy , Cizmecioğlu Jones Filiz Mine ,

Introduction: Insulin regulates the activity of lipoprotein lipase, the enzyme responsible for triglyceride metabolism. Although mild hypertriglyceridemia is seen in diabetic patients, severe hypertriglyceridemia (>1000 mg/dl) is extremely rare in the pediatric population. We present a case of co-existence of new onset diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) with severe hypertriglyceridemia, together with therapeutic outcome.Case: A 9-year-old, ...

hrp0094p2-478 | Thyroid | ESPE2021

A child with anti-thyroid arthritis syndrome

Kilci Fatih , Sönmez Hafize Emine , Jones Jeremy , Közler Selen Hürmüzlü , Çizmecioğlu Jones Filiz Mine

Introduction: Anti-thyroid arthritis syndrome (AAS) is a rare complication that may occur in patients treated with anti-thyroid drugs. Presentation is variable and may include myalgia, arthralgia, skin rash, high fever, and polyarthritis. Herein, we present a girl diagnosed with AAS. Case report: A 9-year-old girl was admitted to emergency complaining of fever and arthralgia. She was the second child of non-consanguineous healthy parents. She had been d...

hrp0095p1-99 | GH and IGFs | ESPE2022

Survey to Investigate Adherence to Growth Hormone Treatment in Children: The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic

Eren Erdal , Cetinkaya Semra , Denkboy Ongen Yasemin , Tercan Ummuhan , Darcan Sukran , Turan Hande , Aydin Murat , Yavuz Yilmaz Fatma , Kilci Fatih , Sever Eklioglu Beray , Hatipoglu Nihal , Yuksek Acinikli Kubra , Orbak Zerrin , Camtosun Emine , Savas Erdeve Senay , Arslan Emrullah , Ercan, Feyza Darendeliler Oya

Introduction: Treatment adherence is crucial for the success of Growth Hormone (GH) therapy. Non-adherence rates have varied over a wide range from 5% to 80% in the literature. Several factors may have an impact on treatment adherence. Besides, with the COVID-19 pandemic that affected the whole world, there were problems with the hospital admission and routine controls of the patients who used GH treatment.Objective: The...