hrp0084p2-230 | Bone | ESPE2015

The Relationship between Serum 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D and Parathyroid Hormone in Children

Kim Hae Soon , Kang Jung In , Han Ye Jin

Background: The lack of agreement in the definition of vitamin D deficiency may be due to differences in the study populations or in the assays used to measure 25OHD.Objective and hypotheses: The aim of this study is to evaluate the relationship between 25OHD and PTH, and define the level of vitamin D deficiency in a paediatric population.Method: Retrospective medical record of children (age: 0.1–18years, n=193) who v...

hrp0092p1-40 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity | ESPE2019

Late Pregnancy Exposure to Mono(2-ethyl-5-hydroxyhexyl) Phthalate Affects Weight Z-scores in Children up to 2 Years

Shah-Kulkarni Surabhi , Kim Hae Soon , Park Hyesook , Hong Yun-Chul , Kim Yangho , Ha Eun-Hee

Background: Endocrine-disruptor compounds (EDCs) like phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA) can have long term effect on children's physical growth. Studies have reported that effect of EDCs exposure on concurrent physical parameters like weight. But there is a knowledge gap with regards to long term effects of EDCs exposure on children's physical growth. Thus, in this study we evaluated the prenatal exposure of EDCs: BPA and phthalates and their influence ...

hrp0089p2-p165 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity P2 | ESPE2018

The Protective Effect of Exclusive Breastfeeding for overweight/Obesity in Children with High Birth Weight

Kim Hae Soon , Lee Jung Won , Lee Myeongjee , Ha Eun-Hee , Kim Young Ju

Background and objectives: A positive association between birth weight and BMI among children and adolescents has been shown in many populations. Several studies have indicated that breastfed children have lower risk of childhood obesity. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the BMI trajectory according to birth weight status and protective effect of breastfeeding on overweight/obesity prevalence in children 6 years of age.Methods: A retro...

hrp0089p3-p248 | Growth & Syndromes P3 | ESPE2018

Prediction of Response to Growth Hormone Treatment in Korean Girls with Turner Syndrome

Jung Mo Kyung , Kim Se Young , Lee Ji-Eun , Kim Hae Soon , Yu Jeesuk , Yoo Eun-Gyong

Purpose: Growth hormone (GH) treatment has become common practice in Turner syndrome (TS) to improve final adult height. However, there are only a few studies on the analysis of good responders to GH treatment in TS. The aim of this study is to predict the responsiveness to growth hormone therapy in Turner syndrome.Methods: Among 197 TS patients registered in LG Growth study, 92 patients were excluded because of systemic illness or hypothyroidism. The cl...

hrp0082p3-d2-987 | Thyroid (1) | ESPE2014

The Association of Thyroid Dysfunction and Blood Pressure in Korean Children

Kim Hae Soon , Park Hye Sook , Cho Sujin , Baik Sun Jung , Park Bo Hyun , Lee Hye Ah

Background: Hypertension is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease worldwide and both high and low blood pressures are associated with various chronic disease. Thyroid hormones have profound effects on cardiovascular function, including effects on blood pressure.Objective and hypotheses: Recent studies suggest that early life high blood pressure could be attributed to hypertension in late adulthood. Therefore, we aimed to investigate the association...