hrp0084p3-811 | Endocrine Oncology | ESPE2015

Cushing’s Syndrome due to Ectopic ACTH Secretion by a Germline Tumour in the Cross-tail Area in a 7 Month Old Female Infant

Bossowski Artur , Kuzmicz Marta , Kitszel Anna , Polnik Dariusz , Savage Martin , Krawczuk-Rybak Maryna

Background: Ectopic ACTH syndrome is very rarely seen in infancy, usually occurring in older children.Case presentation: A female infant was born by Caesarean section (BW 4280 g) with congenital anal atresia and a large tumour surrounding the cross-tail region. CT imaging identified a heterogeneous pelvic mass (76×49×38 mm) below the sacrum. On day 1 of life, a sigmoid colostomy was established and at age 1 week, part of the tumour with the coc...