hrp0092p2-93 | Diabetes and Insulin | ESPE2019

The Growth Hormone Treatment and Carbohydrate Metabolism in Children Born Small for Gestational Age

Labochka Dominika , Witkowska-Sedek Ewelina , Milczarek Monika , Kucharska Anna

Background: Children who were born small for gestational age (SGA) or with intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) have increased risk of metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus type 2 and coronary disease in adultness. Most of those children after catch-up growth achieve the same growth as their peers. Nevertheless 10 % of them persist finally short as adults. In the last decade some countries introduced the rhGH treatment to impr...

hrp0092p3-130 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity | ESPE2019

Acanthosis Nigricans as a Presentation of Severe Insulin Resistance in Obese Children

Krajewska Maria , Nowaczyk Jędrzej , Labochka Dominika , Kucharska Anna

Acanthosis nigricans is a common skin presentation of insulin resistance. We may observe different forms of its sevirity. Pathogenesis of this disorder is correlated with an action of insulin to keratinocyte and dermal fibroblasts via interaction with IGFR1.We'd like to present a medical history of two patients admitted to our clinic because of severe acanthosis nigricans. Boys were at the age of 13 and 14 years. We diagnosed carbohydrate metabolism ...

hrp0089p3-p363 | Thyroid P3 | ESPE2018

Acquired Severe Hypothyroidism in Children – Forgotten or Unbelievable Diagnosis in a Time of Large and Easy Availability of Thyroid Tests?

Kucharska Anna , Labochka Dominika , Borowiec Ada , Witkowska- Sedek Ewelina , Pyrzak Beata

In a time of widespread availability of thyroid lab tests plenty of patients are reported to endocrine clinics because of isolated slightly increased TSH value and many papers are dedicated disscussion of precautions to treatment in subclinical hypothyroidism. Simultaneously in the same places other patients develop severe hypothyroidism without proper diagnosis. What is the reason of missing diagnoses?The Aim: Clinical characteristics of severe hypothyr...