hrp0094p1-130 | Growth A | ESPE2021

Study design and baseline characteristics of children enrolled in PROPEL: A prospective clinical assessment study in children with achondroplasia (ACH)

Savarirayan Ravi , Bergua Josep Maria De , Arundel Paul , Salles Jean Pierre , Leiva Antonio , Saraff Vrinda , McDevitt Helen , Santos-Simarro Fernando , Cormier-Daire Valerie , Kannu Peter , Skae Mars , Bober Michael B. , III John Phillips , Burren Christine , Harmatz Paul , Saal Howard , Weng Richard , Muslimova Elena , Cho Terry , Rogoff Daniela , Irving Melita ,

Background: ACH is the most common short-limbed skeletal dysplasia, affecting between 1 in 15,000 to 1 in 30,000 live births. Children and adults with ACH have disproportionate short stature, with a final height of approx. 131 cm for males and 124 cm for females. People with ACH are prone to significant co-morbidities, including obstructive sleep apnea, chronic otitis media with conductive hearing loss, spinal stenosis, and a propensity towards obesity. In som...