hrp0084p1-130 | Thyroid | ESPE2015

Brain-Lung-Thyroid Syndrome – Update on the Clinical Spectrum of a Heterogeneous Disorder

Lenherr Nina , Vuissoz Jean-Marc , Heinimann Karl , Szinnai Gabor

Background: Brain-lung-thyroid syndrome (BLTS, OMIM# 610978) is caused by mutations in the NK2 homeobox 2 (NKX2-1; TTF1) gene affecting the three NKX2-1 expressing organs brain, lung and thyroid. The syndrome is characterized by benign hereditary chorea (BHC), infant respiratory distress syndrome (IRDS) and congenital hypothyroidism (CH). However, the clinical spectrum and severity of symptoms vary widely. Regarding the increasing number of published mutations and het...