hrp0095p1-512 | Growth and Syndromes | ESPE2022

Physical Activity: An Underestimated Factor in the Management of Arterial Hypertension in Women with Turner-Syndrome?

Sebastian Oberhoffer Felix , Bačová Martina , Li Pengzhu , Arnold Leonie , Alexander Haas Nikolaus , Dalla-Pozza Robert

Introduction: Turner syndrome (TS) is a rare X-chromosomal disease, which affects one in 2500-3000 female newborns. TS is associated with a distinct cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Arterial hypertension is present in up to 50% of young TS women and closely related to the onset of aortic dilatation and dissection. The effective management of arterial hypertension can be considered as crucial to improve overall cardiovascular outcome of TS women. In the ...