hrp0084p3-1131 | Puberty | ESPE2015

Growth Outcomes in Childhood Craniopharyngioma: A Longitudinal Assessment of 21 Cases at a Single Centre

Michaelidou Maria , Losa Laura , Ederies Ashraf , Spoudeas Helen

Background: Craniopharyngiomas are rare suprasellar tumours with good survival but high endocrine morbidity. The commonest endocrinopathy is GHd which can precede diagnosis. Later obesity (BMI >+2SDS) may be treatment or tumour related.Objective and hypotheses: To evaluate endocrinopathy, height, weight and BMI outcomes after a conservative surgical treatment strategy with pre-treatment pituitary provocation tests for children diagnosed between 2009 ...

hrp0082p1-d2-30 | Autoimmune Endocrine Disease | ESPE2014

Managing Children with Thickened Pituitary Stalk and/or Idiopathic Central Diabetes Insipidus: a Single Centre Experience on 63 Children

Cerbone Manuela , Ederies Ash , Losa Laura , Moreno Carolina , Sun Kristi , Spoudeas Helen A

Background and objective: Children with Thickened pituitary stalk (TPS) and/or Idiopathic central diabetes insipidus (ICDI) present to different (endocrine, oncology, and ophthalmology) specialists. Their rarity, absence of agreed radiological criteria or consensus guidance, make their management problematic. Biopsy is too dangerous and cases may remain undiagnosed or evolve over decades. We aimed: i) to longitudinally characterize a large childhood cohort presenting with TPS ...

hrp0084p1-155 | Miscelleaneous | ESPE2015

Prospective Cognitive Assessment in Children with Craniopharyngioma Identifies Dysfunction at Diagnosis, After Conservative Surgery and Before Adjuvant Radiation

Rodriguez-Cabrera Penelope , Kuczynski Adam , Michaelidou Maria , Losa Laura , Spoudeas Helen

Background: It has been previously reported that with current management, 9/10 children with craniopharyngioma will survive 10 years. Though most suffer both chronic neuroendocrine and cognitive impairments from disease and/or treatment, few prospective cognitive assessments have been reported which might separate the contributions of each.Objective and hypotheses: i) To prospectively evaluate the prevalence of cognitive dysfunction, before and after a c...

hrp0086rfc3.5 | Pituitary | ESPE2016

Prospective Dynamic Evaluation of Hypothalamo-Pituitary Function in 30 Cases of Paediatric Craniopharyngioma, by Hypothalamic Injury and Treatment; A Single Centre Series

Guzzetti Chiara , Losa Laura , Improda Nicola , Pang Gloria , Phatarakijnirund Voraluck , Gan Hoong-Wei , Hayward Richard , Aquilina Kristian , Ederies Ash , Spoudeas Helen A.

Background: Craniopharyngiomas are the commonest pituitary tumours of childhood. Though benign histologically, their localisation and invasive tendency can cause significant neuroendocrine morbidity and late mortality.Objective and hypotheses: To prospectively determine risk factors for neuroendocrine morbidity by longitudinal survival analysis.Method: All children with craniopharyngioma newly presenting to our quaternary centre be...