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The Majority of Children with Pediatric Growth Hormone Deficiency Treated With Lonapegsomatropin for Up To 6 Years Met or Exceeded Average Parental Height SDS: Final Results of enliGHten

Vlachopapadopoulou Elpis , Thornton Paul , Hofman Paul , Nadgir Ulhas , Saenger Paul , Malievskiy Oleg , Aghajanova Elena , Korpal-Szczyrska Maria , Mao Meng , Abdelrahman Sohair , Komirenko Allison , Shu Aimee , Maniatis Aristides

Introduction: Lonapegsomatropin (SKYTROFA, TransCon hGH), a prodrug of somatropin administered once-weekly, is approved for the treatment of pediatric growth hormone deficiency (GHD) by the Food and Drug Administration and European Commission. In the pivotal 52-week phase 3 heiGHt trial and 26-week fliGHt trial (enrolled treatment-naïve and treatment-experienced participants, respectively), lonapegsomatropin demonstrated safety and efficacy in children wi...

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12-Month Effects of Once-Weekly and Twice-Monthly Administration of Hybrid Fc-Fused Human Growth Hormone, GX-H9, Treatment in Pediatric with GHD Deficiency

Malievskiy Oleg , Mykola Aryaev , Nataliya Zelinska , Bolshova Elena V , Senatorova Ganna , Oroszlan Gyorgy , Skorodok Julia , Peterkova Valentina , Nataliya Chorna , Sorokman Tamila , Yang Seung , Lee Ji Eun , Muzsnai Agota , Hwang Jin Soon , Lee Sang Yoon , Choi Yun Jung , Ji Hyi-Jeong , Woo Jungwon , Sung Young-Chul

GX-H9 is a long-acting form of recombinant human GH under clinical development for both adults and children with GH deficiency (GHD). This study was designed to compare 12-month effects of once-weekly and twice-monthly (every other week; EOW) administration of GX-H9 treatment to that of Genotropin®, in pediatric patients with GHD. A randomized, open-label, active-controlled, parallel study was conducted at 27 endocrinology centers in 10 countries (Europe and Ko...