hrp0084p3-691 | Diabetes | ESPE2015

Acute Kidney Injury as a Severe Complication of Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Jeyaraman Alagusutha , Finlay Eric , Mathew Verghese , Gupta Sanjay

Background: Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in children and young adults carries significant morbidity and mortality relating to complications such as cerebral oedema. Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a rare but potentially fatal complication of DKA. We present three cases of DKA complicated by AKI.Case 1: A 9-year-old girl presented with severe DKA at diagnosis. She was treated with intravenous fluids and insulin as per protocol. She had oliguria and haematuria...

hrp0095p2-68 | Diabetes and Insulin | ESPE2022

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Resulting From I-port Device Failure In Multiple Cases

Lawal Kaltumi , Hall Nikki , Mathew Verghese , Gupta anjay

Background: Multiple daily injections of insulin for children and young people with diabetes can be very daunting and, some have a phobia of needles. As a result, for some individuals, the use of an i-port device can be life-changing and help with their diabetes management. The i-port is an injection port that enables diabetes patients to administer their insulin without having to puncture their skin multiple times in a day. In most cases, the i-port can stay ...

hrp0084p2-471 | Growth | ESPE2015

Growth and Metabolic Phenotypes in Patients with SRS: a Multi-Centre Cross-Sectional Observational Study

Aston Kayleigh , Grosvenor Gemma , Peters Catherine , Mathew Verghese , Blair Joanne , Chapman Simon , Buchanan Charles , Maher Eamonn , Dias Renuka

Background: Silver–Russell syndrome (SRS; OMIM 180860) is a genetically and clinically heterogeneous low birthweight syndrome characterised by poor postnatal growth and a number of variable dysmorphic features. Small-for-gestational age infants in general have an increased risk of metabolic complications, some initially occurring in late childhood and adolescence.Objective and hypotheses: To identify i) response to GH based on genotype and ii) devel...