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Characterization of IGFI Receptor Expression and Localization in Paediatric Gliomas Upon Diagnosis According to WHO 2007 Grading

Clement Florencia , Venara Marcela , Maglio Silvana , Martin Ayelen , Matho Cecilia , Petre Cesar , Lombardi Mercedes Garcia , Bergada Ignacio , Pennisi Patricia

Background: Gliomas are the most common subgroup of CNS tumours in children. Histologic grading is a means of predicting the biological behavior of these tumours and survival is strongly correlated with tumour gradation. The IGF system of ligands and receptors are known to play an important role in both normal and neoplastic growth. Recently, nuclear translocation of the type 1 IGF1R has been demonstrated in tumour tissues. Although the IGF1R expression has been described in C...