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Impaired Cardiac Function in a Mouse Model of Generalized Glucocorticoid Resistance

Lamprokostopoulou Agaristi , Varela Aimilia , Katsimpoulas Michalis , Dimitriou Constantinos , Athanasiadis Nikos , Soultou Eleana , Stefa Alketa , Mavroides Manolis , Davos Constantinos H. , Chrousos George P. , Kino Tomoshige , Georgopoulos Spiros , Charmandari Evangelia

Background: Glucocorticoids regulate a broad spectrum of physiologic functions essential for life and exert their actions through their ubiquitously expressed glucocorticoid receptor (GR). The GR interacts with several molecules, including the non-coding RNA growth arrest-specific 5 (Gas5), which decreases the transcriptional activity of the GR by preventing its binding to DNA, and reduces tissue sensitivity to glucocorticoids.Objective and Hypotheses: T...