hrp0082p2-d2-550 | Puberty and Neuroendocrinology (1) | ESPE2014

Final Height in a Boy with McCune–Albright Syndrome and Precocious Puberty Treated with Ketoconazole, Cyproterone Acetate, and Leuprolide Acetate Depot for More than 5 Years

Messina Maria Francesca , Aversa Tommaso , Valenzise Mariella , De Luca Filippo

Background: McCune–Albright syndrome (MAS) is a sporadic and rare disorder, clinically defined by the classic triad of cafè-au-lait skin lesions, polyostotic fibrous dysplasia, and peripheral precocious puberty. Precocious puberty is common in girls, but has been reported in only 15% of affected boys. Clinical trials on therapeutic management of precocious puberty in MAS boys are limited to case reports or small patient cohorts and no data are reported about final he...

hrp0092p2-186 | Growth and Syndromes (to include Turner Syndrome) | ESPE2019

Clinical Features in a Patient with Turner Syndrome and Pericentric Inversion of Chromosome 9

Valenzise Mariella , Passanisi Stefano , Pomi Alessandra Li , Zirilli Giuseppina , Messina Maria Francesca , Aversa Tommaso

Turner syndrome (TS) patients are at risk for a constellation of neurocognitive and psychosocial diseases. TS is associated with an increased risk for difficulties with visual–spatial reasoning, visual–spatial memory, attention, executive functioning, motor, and math skills. Additionally, increased rates of social difficulties, anxiety, and depression are observed.Here we report the case of a 16-years-old Caucasian girl who came to our attentio...

hrp0086p2-p437 | Gonads & DSD P2 | ESPE2016

Primary Amenorrhea as Alarm Manifestation in a Oligosymptomatic Girl with Xq Deletion and Turner Syndrome

Messina Maria Francesca , Civa Rosi , Corica Domenico , Trombatore Jessica , Santucci Simona , De Luca Filippo

Background: Turner syndrome (TS) affects about one in 2500 liveborn females. It results from the loss of all or part of X-chromosome and has a variable phenotype. The classical form is characterised by short stature, skeletal abnormalities, lymphedema, renal and cardiac anomalies, webbed neck, peculiar neurocognitive profile and gonadal dysgenesis. While loss of up to 2/3 of the X chromosome short arm is compatible with normal fertility, chromosome deletions involving Xq are o...

hrp0082p2-d3-560 | Puberty and Neuroendocrinology (2) | ESPE2014

Adult Height Outcome of Girls with Idiopathic Central Precocious Puberty Treated with GnRH Analogs is Irrespective of BMI

Aversa Tommaso , Valenzise Mariella , Wasniewska Malgorzata , Messina Maria Francesca , Santisi Alessandra , De Luca Filippo

Background: GnRH analogs (GnRHa) have been used in treatment of idiopathic central precocious puberty (ICPP) for several decades. Their effectiveness on adult height (AH) improvement has been widely studied and is still debated.Objective and hypotheses: To assess whether BMI changes in ICPP girls during GnRHa treatment can influence AH.Method: A retrospective study of 131 ICPP girls (mean age at diagnosis: 7.6±0.7, range 4.3&#...

hrp0084p2-552 | Thyroid | ESPE2015

Even in the Era of Congenital Hypothyroidism Screening Mild and Subclinical Sensorineural Hearing Loss Remains a Relatively Common Complication of Severe Congenital Hypothyroidism

Bruno Rocco , Aversa Tommaso , Catena Mariaausilia , Valenzise Mariella , Messina Maria Francesca , De Luca Filippo , Wasniewska Malgorzata

Background: Only few studies have focused on neurosensory hearing function of patients with congenital hypothyroidism (CH) identified by CH screening programs and treated early and, therefore, this issue remains still controversial.Objective and hypotheses: The aim of this study was to ascertain whether an early and adequate replacement treatment may be able to prevent sensorineural hearing loss in 32 screened children with CH and no associated risk fact...

hrp0084p2-554 | Thyroid | ESPE2015

Hypoceruloplasminemia as a Marker of Severe Hypothyroidism

Valenzise Mariella , Sferlazzas Concetta , Porcaro Federica , Messina Maria Francesca , Wasniewska Malgorzata , Cinquegrani Maurizio , De Luca Filippo

Background: Hypothyroidism may be also a rare cause of acquired hypoceruloplasminemia. It has recently been underlined a role for thyroid hormone in the normal developmental regulation of ceruloplasmin (cp).Case presentation: A 3-year-old Caucasian girl was admitted to our clinic for recurrent pericarditis, fatigue and muscle weakness. Her family history was remarkable for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves disease. Her recent personal history was s...

hrp0084p3-1144 | Puberty | ESPE2015

Central Precocious Puberty in Cerebral Palsy

Bruzzi Patrizia , Messina Maria Francesca , Bartoli Alessandra , Lucaccioni Laura , Predieri Barbara , De Luca Filippo , Iughetti Lorenzo

Background: Children affected by cerebral palsy (CP) could experience central precocious puberty (CPP) 20 times more than general population. Nevertheless, the treatment is challenging.Objective and hypotheses: To compare CPP features and the effects of gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist therapy (GnRHa) in children with CP and in controls.Method: The study involved 16 children with CPP and CP (median age (range) at diagnosis of...

hrp0084p3-1181 | Thyroid | ESPE2015

Early Discrimination between Transient and Permanent Congenital Hypothyroidism in Children with Eutopic Gland

Messina Maria Francesca , Aversa Tommaso , Salzano Giuseppina , Zirilli Giuseppina , Sferlazzas Concetta , De Luca Filippo , Lombardo Fortunato

Background: Congenital hypothyroidism (CH) is a common condition that occurs in ~1:3000–4000 live births and is one of the most common preventable cause of mental retardation with an early diagnosis and prompt pharmacological treatment. Neonatal screening has abolished this disease but 10% of children originally diagnosed with CH will have a transient form of the disorder and this percentage is increased during the last years due to a lowering of cut-off.<p class="abs...

hrp0092p2-182 | Growth and Syndromes (to include Turner Syndrome) | ESPE2019

Auditory Phenotypes and Dynamics of Hearing Thresholds in 246 Turner Syndrome Females

Aversa Tommaso , Bruno Rocco , Santucci Simona , Messina Maria Francesca , Scarano Emanuela , Borrello Simona , Perri Annamaria , Costa Margherita , Casto Celeste , Alibrandi Angela , Mazzanti Laura , Wasniewska Malgorzata

Objectives: To describe the auditory phenotype and dynamics of hearing thresholds in patients with Turner Syndrome (TS).Patients and Methods: Cross-section study evaluating the hearing thresholds in 246 TS patients (age range 4-44 yrs). Patients were divided into three age groups: Group 1 (79 TS, age range 4.0-12.9 yrs); Group 2 (109 TS, age range 13.0-25.9 yrs,) and Group 3 (66 TS, age range 26.0-44.9 yrs,). Pure tone a...

hrp0092p3-164 | Growth and Syndromes (to include Turner Syndrome) | ESPE2019

Longitudinal Evaluation of Audiological Pattern in Turner Syndrome

Aversa Tommaso , Bruno Rocco , Santucci Simona , Messina Maria Francesca , Borrello Simona , Scarano Emanuela , Perri Annamaria , Tamburrino Federica , Valenzise Mariella , Alibrandi Angela , Mazzanti Laura , Wasniewska Malgorzata

Objectives: To investigate prognostic markers (age, initial hearing level, karyotype, chronic hormonal therapies, and presence/absence of a mid-frequency dip influence) for hearing loss (HL) in Turner syndrome (TS).Design: Longitudinal cross-sectional and retrospective study.Study Population: 61 TS females (age range 4 - 45 yrs), diagnosed by cytogenetic analysis (49,2% monosom...