hrp0095p1-311 | Growth and Syndromes | ESPE2022

Variability of the Noonan syndrome phenotypic spectrum in four patients carrying novel LZTR1 gene variants

Meneghin Alice , Mozzato Chiara , Trevisson Eva , Guazzarotti Laura

Noonan syndrome is a genetic condition caused by dysregulation of RAS-MAPK pathway (RASopathy) characterized by great clinical variability and genetic heterogeneity. Many genes has been associated with the disease, including recently LZTR1, which is causative of both dominant and recessive forms. Currently less than one hundred cases of Noonan syndrome has been associated with LZTR1 variants then phenotype related to this gene is poorly known. Here we describ...

hrp0095p1-335 | Multisystem Endocrine Disorders | ESPE2022

Early endocrinological deficiencies can anticipate the diagnosis of mitochondrial diseases: phenotype evolution of a rare MT-TG gene variant

Mozzato Chiara , Carecchio Miryam , Salviati Leonardo , Zeviani Massimo , Guazzarotti Laura

Mitochondrial diseases are multisystemic disorders which often involve endocrine system, as defective oxidative phosphorylation can lead to decreased hormones production or secretion and all steroid hormones are synthesized in the mitochondria. Endocrine dysfunctions can therefore represent the initial symptoms of these pathologies and the incidence of various endocrinopathies varies between different mitochondrial disease. Diabetes mellitus is the most frequently described en...