hrp0095p2-200 | Growth and Syndromes | ESPE2022

Growth of children with cow milk allergy on the elimination diet

Omar Omneya , Naguib Massoud Mohamed , Mostafa Ibrahim Gehad

Background: Compared to children without the disease, children with food allergy are stunted, which is positively correlated with the amount of food eliminated and the duration of the diet.Objective: To compare the effect of an elimination diet on growth between children with cow milk allergy and those who are healthy as control subjects.Subjects and Methods: This study was carried...

hrp0092fc4.5 | Fat Metabolism and Obesity Session | ESPE2019

Leptin Gene Methylation Status in Egyptian Infants

Omar Omneya Magdy , Naguib Massoud Mohamed , Elwafa Reham Abo , Gerges Mary

Background: Obesity results from interactions between environmental and genetic factors. Despite a relatively high heritability of common, non-syndromic obesity (40–70%), the search for genetic variants contributing to susceptibility has been a challenging task. To date, more than 40 genetic variants have been associated with obesity and fat distribution. However, since these variants do not fully explain the heritability of obesity, other forms of va...