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Limits of Agreement between HbA1c Levels Measured in Different Laboratories Following the Introduction of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine Standardised Values

Arch Barbara , McKay Andrew , Newland Paul , Blair Joanne , Gregory John , Peak Matthew , Didi Mohammed , Thornborough Keith , Gamble Carrol

Background: Between 2011 and 2015, 294 children from 15 UK centres were randomised to the SCIPI study (SubCutaneous Insulin: Pumps or Injections?), which compares insulin delivery by pump to multiple daily injections, during the first year following diagnosis of type I diabetes. HbA1c is measured every 3 months, locally by (1) a ‘point of care’ device or a local laboratory and (2) a central laboratory. Since 2009 HbA1c assays have been calibrated against the Internat...