hrp0086p2-p534 | Fat Metabolism and Obesity P2 | ESPE2016

Value of BMI-SDS, Waist Circumference-SDS and Waist-to-Height Ratio in the Identification of Obese Children and Adolescents at an Increased Risk for Cardio-Metabolic Complications

Kovac Jernej , Pavlic Petra , Perdih Brigita , Kotnik Primoz

Background: Determination of obese children/adolescents at an increased risk of cardio-metabolic complications is of paramount significance for early intervention.Objective and hypotheses: To determine the value of simple anthropometric measures of obesity (BMI-SDS, waist circumference (WC)-SDS, waist-to-height ratio (WHR)) in the determination of individuals at an increased risk for selected cardio-metabolic complications (impaired glucose metabolism, d...