hrp0095p1-29 | Bone, Growth Plate and Mineral Metabolism | ESPE2022

Don’t forget the bones: incidence and risk factors of Metabolic Bone Disease in a cohort of preterm infants.

Perrone Michela , Casirati Amanda , Stagi Stefano , Paola Roggero , Mosca Fabio

Background and Aim: Metabolic Bone Disease of Prematurity(MBD) is a condition of reduced bone mineral content(BMC) compared to the expected for gestational age(GA). Preterm birth interrupts the physiological process of calcium(Ca) and phosphorus(P) deposition that occurs mostly in the 3rd-trimester of pregnancy, leading to an inadequate bone mineralization during intrauterine life(IUL). After birth, an insufficient intake of Ca and P carries on this alteration...