hrp0086fc13.1 | Management of Obesity | ESPE2016

Quantitative Proteomic of Rat Livers Shows a Major Reprogramming of Mitochondrial Enzymes in Food-Restriction and Increased Stress Hallmarks in Ad Libitum Feeding

Gat-Yablonski Galia , Finka Andrija , Pinto Galit , Quadroni Manfredo , Shtaif Biana , Goloubinoff Pierre

Background: Studies in young mammals on the qualitative and quantitative molecular effects of food restriction (RES) and re-feeding, leading to catch up growth (CU) are scarce. Whereas RES may lead to growth and developmental deficits in children, it is a proven treatment to prolong life in all animals checked.Objective and hypotheses: We used MS analysis to understand how RES might lead to growth attenuation and prolonged life span and identify the majo...