hrp0086p2-p67 | Adrenal P2 | ESPE2016

Successful Medical Management of Severe Neonatal Cushing Syndrome with Metyrapone, Guided by Mass Spectrometry Monitoring

Poidvin Amelie , Storey Caroline , Martinerie Laetitia , Braun Karine , Lahlou Najiba , Leger Juliane , Carel Jean-Claude

Background: Neonatal Cushing syndrome is a rare and severe condition, mostly associated with the McCune-Albright (MCA) syndrome. Management options include medical treatment (with ketoconazole or metyrapone resulting in 11-beta-hydroxylase blockade) and radical treatment with bilateral adrenalectomy. Spontaneous regression in late infancy has been reported.Objective and hypotheses: To report on the outcome of a 14 month-old girl with severe neonatal Cush...

hrp0086p1-p197 | Diabetes P1 | ESPE2016

Diagnosis of Non-Autoimmune Paediatric Diabetes by Targeted Next Generation Sequencing (NGS): Findings in Two Families with Rare Mono- and Digenic forms of Diabetes

Poidvin Amelie , Donath Xavier , Saint-Martin Cecile , Loison Sylvie , Carel Jean-Claude , Bellanne-Chantelot Christine , Tubiana-Rufi Nadia

Background: Nearly 10% of paediatric onset diabetes are auto-antibodies negative. Among them monogenic diabetes are frequently under-diagnosed. The major increase in the prevalence of childhood obesity is misleading with a risk of confusion between type 2 diabetes (T2D) and monogenic causes of diabetes.Objective and hypotheses: To report on two informative families with negative auto-antibodies childhood-onset diabetes cases.Method...

hrp0086rfc5.6 | Management of Disorders of Insulin Secretion | ESPE2016

Clinical Management of the Mitchell-Riley Syndrome Due to RFX6 Gene Mutations: Aggressive Support Results in Improved Outcome

Poidvin Amelie , Chandra Vikash , Fauret-Amsellem Anne-Laure , Cave Helene , Beltrand Jacques , Tubiana-Rufi Nadia , Carel Jean-Claude , Polak Michel , Scharfmann Raphael

Background: Homozygous mutations in the transcription factor RFX6 are the cause of the Mitchell-Riley syndrome associating neonatal diabetes, pancreatic hypoplasia, gallbladder agenesis, duodenal atresia, and severe chronic diarrhea. Nine cases have been reported so far and the condition has a poor prognosis with five of nine patients died before the age of 6 months.Objective and hypotheses: To report on the clinical management and outcome of tw...