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Novel Heterozygous ACAN Mutations in Short Stature: Expanding the Clinical Spectrum

Sentchordi Lucia , Barraza Jimena , Rivera Carlos Ivan , Marcos M. Victoria , Sanchez M. Consuelo , Vallespin Elena , Pozo Angela del , Heath Karen E.

Background: Homozygous aggrecan (ACAN) mutations have been described in a few skeletal dysplasias whilst more recently, heterozygous ACAN mutations have been reported in few families presenting with idiopathic short stature with advanced bone maturation and premature growth cessation.Case presentation: We describe two novel heterozygous ACAN stop mutations, detected using a skeletal dysplasia NGS panel and confirmed by Sanger sequencing...

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Estimation of Mody Frequency and Prevalent Subtypes in Pediatric Patients by Targeted NGS

Salamanca Luis , Kadaoui Maria Al , Guerrero Julio , Carcavilla Atilano , Itza Nerea , Mora Cristina , Barreda Ana Coral , Dominguez Jesús , Vallespín Elena , Pozo Angela Del , Solis Mario , Aragonés Angel , Hermoso Florinda , Ramirez Joaquín , Teresa Muñoz Maria , Garzón Lucía , Rodriguez Amparo , Escribano Arantxa , Gonzalez Isabel , Campos Angel

Though up to fourteen different MODY subtypes have been so far described, there are no studies in the literature which have determined their actual frequency and prevalence in pediatric patients.Objectives: To identify the underlying molecular basis in a cohort of pediatric patients with a suspected clinical diagnosis of MODY by targeted NGS.Materials/Methods: Cohort of 60 patient fulfilling MODY c...