hrp0084p2-254 | Diabetes | ESPE2015

Can We Rely on Finger Stick Haemoglobin A1c? Comparison of Levels Assayed by DCA 2000 with IFCC Reference Method in a Paediatric Cohort

Tornese Gianluca , Milic Nadia , Spetti Laura , Gembrini Daniela , Loganes Carmen , Pellegrin Maria Chiara , Radillo Lucia , Radillo Oriano , Faleschini Elena , Ventura Alessandro

Background: DCA 2000 is still a very popular device to determine HbA1c levels in diabetes practices through a finger stick. It allows clinicians to give immediate feedback to patients and to make changes in diabetes management during the three-monthly assessment.Objective and hypotheses: To compare HbA1c values measured with DCA 2000 with corresponding values measured with IFCC (considered as the reference method) in a single paediatric centre, to assess...