hrp0095p2-92 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity | ESPE2022

Different profiles of lipoprotein particles associate various degree of cardiac involvement in adolescents with morbid obesity

Arciniegas Larry , M. Siurana José , Sabate-Rotes Anna , Amigó Núria , Martínez-Micaelo Neus , Riaza Lucia , Mogas Eduard , Rosés-Noguer Ferran , S. Ventura Paula , Yeste Diego

Introduction: Dyslipidemia secondary to obesity is a risk factor related to cardiovascular disease events, however a pathological conventional lipid profile (CLP) is infrequently found in obese children. The objective of our study is to evaluate the advanced lipoprotein profile (ALP) and its relationship with cardiac changes, metabolic syndrome and inflammatory markers in a population of morbidly obese adolescents with normal CLP and without type 2 diabetes me...