hrp0095rfc11.2 | Late Breaking | ESPE2022

Dynamics of meal-related plasma asprosin levels

Corica Domenico , Pepe Giorgia , Aversa Tommaso , Currò Monica , Curatola Selenia , Li Pomi Alessandra , Alibrandi Angela , Ientile Riccardo , Wasniewska Malgorzata

Background: Asprosin is an adipokine involved in glucose homeostasis and its plasma levels physiologically increases in fasting conditions and decreases with refeeding. In non-diabetic children and adolescents with obesity, insulin resistance (IR) and impaired fasting glucose (IFG) seem to influence the physiological variation in meal-related asprosin levels 120 minutes after an oral glucose load (Corica et al. doi:10.3389/fendo.2021.805700). No data ...

hrp0095p1-596 | Thyroid | ESPE2022

Central and peripheral sensitivity to thyroid hormones and glucose metabolism in childhood obesity.

Corica Domenico , Rosaria Licenziati Maria , Calcaterra Valeria , Currò Monica , Curatola Selenia , Rossi Virginia , Ientile Riccardo , Aversa Tommaso , Wasniewska Malgorzata

Objectives: Increased central and peripheral sensitivity to thyroid hormones seems to be associated with an increased risk of developing prediabetes in adulthood. The objective of this study was to evaluate the relationship between the severity of obesity, the presence of glyco-metabolic alterations, and tissue sensitivity to thyroid hormones in prepubertal euthyroid children with simple obesity.Methods: Eighty prepubert...

hrp0097rfc3.1 | Fat, metabolism and obesity 1 | ESPE2023

Fasting and meal-related zonulin serum levels in a large cohort of obese children and adolescents: a cross sectional study

Pepe Giorgia , Corica Domenico , Currò Monica , Aversa Tommaso , Alibrandi Angela , Bottari Marianna , Ientile Riccardo , Caccamo Daniela , Wasniewska Malgorzata

Background: due to its recently documented role in intercellular tight junction disassembly, zonulin has emerged as a valuable biological marker to assess the integrity of the intestinal mucosal barrier. Experimental studies have shown an association between intestinal permeability and obesity.Objectives: aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between serum zonulin levels, both at baseline and postprandial...