hrp0084p3-1198 | Thyroid | ESPE2015

Thyroid Function in a Large Group of Obese Children: Causes and Consequences

Lupi Fiorenzo , Radetti Giorgio , Longhi Silvia , Grugni Graziano , Marazzi Nicoletta , Fanolla Antonio , Sartorio Alessandrio

Background: Mild TSH elevations are frequently observed in obese patients, in the absence of any detectable thyroid disease.Aims and objective: To evaluate possible causes for the raised TSH levels and to verify possible biochemical and clinical consequences of this condition.Methods: We evaluated 779 (325 males/454 females) obese children, chronological age 14.38±2.56 (range 5.25 to 18.50), height SDS 0.27±1.04 (range &#...