hrp0095p1-359 | Pituitary, Neuroendocrinology and Puberty | ESPE2022

Primary Granulomatous Hypophysitis with Panhypopituitarism, presenting as Aseptic Meningitis in a 14-year-old boy

Stern Eve , R Cohen Zvi , Shrot Shay , Greenberg Gahl , Gruber Noah , Modan-Moses Dalit , Pinhas-Hamiel Orit

Background: Hypophysitis is an uncommon inflammatory disorder of the pituitary gland and is classified both clinically (Primary vs secondary) and histologically (lymphocytic, granulomatous or xanthomatous). Primary hypophysitis is exceptionally rare in the paediatric population with only a few cases reported, the majority being Lymphocytic Hypophysitis.Case Report: We present the case of a previously healthy 14-year-old ...