hrp0084p3-899 | Fat | ESPE2015

The Influence of Physical Activity and Physical Fitness in the Metabolic Profile and Microcirculation of Eutrophic, Overweight and Obese Children 5–12 Years of Age

da Penha Jociene Terra , Gazolla Fernanda Mussi , Carvalho Cecilia Noronha de Miranda , Madeira Isabel Rey , Rodrigues Jr Flavio , Machado Elisabeth de Amorim , Sicuro Fernando Lencastre , Farinatti Paulo de Tarso Veras , Collett-Solberg Paulo Ferrez

Background: Obesity is a worldwide epidemic affecting adults and children. Social changes throughout history have contributed to modifications in nutrition and physical activity levels. These changes in lifestyle affected health, increasing the number of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. Obese children already have a low grade systemic inflammation as well as markers of increased cardiovascular risk. The endothelial function is an important and early marker of atheroscler...

hrp0094fc3.4 | Growth Disorders | ESPE2021

Prospective genetic analysis by a targeted gene panel of a cohort of patients classified as idiopathic short stature (ISS)

Andrade Nathalia , Funari Mariana , Lerario Antonio , Malaquias Alexsandra , Solberg Paulo , Lisboa Nathalia , Rayol Micheline , Dantas Naiara , Rezende Raissa , Lucheze Bruna , Quedas Elisangela , Krepischi Ana , Arnhold Ivo , Vasques Gabriela , Jorge Alexander ,

Introduction: The majority of children with short stature are classified as ISS by the absence of findings that could elucidate the cause of their growth impairment. Several monogenic defects have already been identified in children with ISS, but the candidate gene approach is not feasible when there are no specific findings to guide a specific genetic test.Objective: To evaluate the diagnostic yield of a targeted gene p...

hrp0095p1-111 | Growth and Syndromes | ESPE2022

Diagnostic yield of a multigene sequencing approach in children classified as idiopathic short stature

Andrade Nathalia , Funari Mariana , Malaquias Alexsandra , Collett- Solberg Paulo , Gomes Nathalia , Scalco Renata , Dantas Naiara , Rezende Raissa , Tiburcio Angelica , Souza Micheline , Freire Bruna , Krepischi Ana , Longui Carlos , Lerario Antonio , Arnhold Ivo , Jorge Alexander , Vasques Gabriela

Objective: Most children with short stature remain without an etiologic diagnosis after extensive clinical and laboratory evaluation and are classified as idiopathic short stature (ISS). This study aimed to determine the diagnostic yield of a multigene gene analysis in children classified as ISS.Design and Methods: We selected 102 children with ISS and performed the genetic analysis as part of the initial investigation. ...