hrp0095p1-273 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity | ESPE2022

An adult-based genetic risk score for hepatic fat associates with liver and lipid traits in Danish children

Huang Yun , E. Stinson Sara , Bæk Juel Helene , A.V. Lund Morten , Aas Holm Louise , E. Fonvig Cilius , Grarup Niels , Pedersen Oluf , Christiansen Michael , Krag Aleksander , Stender Stefan , Holm Jens-Christian , Hansen Torben

Background and Aim: Several genetic variants associating with hepatic fat content in adults have been identified in genome-wide association studies. Their effects in children remain unclear. This study aimed to test the effect of genetic variants known to associate with hepatic fat in adults, individually and combined as a genetic risk score (GRS), on cardiometabolic traits, and to investigate the predictive ability of the GRS for hepatic steatosis in children...