hrp0084wg4.2 | Obesity | ESPE2015

A Monomeric Peptide Triagonist for the Treatment of Obesity and Diabetes

Clemmensen Christoffer , Finan Brian , Muller Timo , DiMarchi Richard , Tschop Matthias

Encouraged by unimolecular dual incretin co-agonists (GLP1/GIP) to enhance glycemic efficacy (Finan et al. 2013, Sci Transl Med) and GLP1/glucagon co-agonists to enhance weight loss efficacy (Day et al. 2009, Nat Chem Biol) and to restore diet-induced leptin sensitivity (Clemmensen et al. 2014, Diabetes), we recently developed the first tri-agonist (GLP1/GIP/glucagon) for the treatment of metabolic disorders (Finan et al. 2014, Nat Med). Importantly, this concerted triple agon...