hrp0082p1-d2-29 | Autoimmune Endocrine Disease | ESPE2014

Standard Population Screening for Diabetes Mellitus has Low Sensitivity in Identifying Diabetes in Adult Survivors of Childhood Bone Marrow Transplantation with Total Body Irradiation

Wei Christina , Unsworth Rebecca , Davis Nikki , Elson Ruth , Bradley Karin , Stevens Michael , Crowne Elizabeth

Background: Adult survivors of childhood leukaemia treated Bone marrow transplantation with total body irradiation (BMT/TBI) have an increased risk of diabetes mellitus (DM) disproportionate to their level of adiposity or other recognised risk factors. Post prandial hyperglycaemia due to reduced β-cell reserve after irradiation will be missed by fasting glucose (FG) levels. However, the UK National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) screening guidelines recommend the...

hrp0094p2-110 | Diabetes and insulin | ESPE2021

A quality improvement project of a Young Adult Diabetes (YAD) service at a UK specialist centre.

Hirani Dhruti , Unsworth Rebecca , Mahmood Adil , Jones Emma , Begum Farzana , Jairam Carol , Vieria Soraia , Bound Chris , Mengistu Zalalem , Jarvis Sheba , Logan Karen , Oliver Nick , Watson Mando , Reddy Monika ,

Introduction: The joint young adult diabetes (YAD) service at a specialist UK centre facilitates transition from paediatric to adult diabetes care for young people (YP) aged 16-25 years. Since 2018, quality improvement interventions have included focus groups with young people, joint paediatric and adult specialist nurse appointments and recruitment of a type 1 diabetes educator. We assess the impact of these interventions and changes imposed by the Covid-19 p...