hrp0086p1-p477 | Fat Metabolism and Obesity P1 | ESPE2016

Renal Involvement ın Obese Children and Adolescents

Kaya Mehmet Sirin , Anık Ahmet , Unuvar Tolga , Sonmez Ferah

Background and aim: Epidemiologic studies have been shown that obesity increases the risk of renal disease and it impact on prognosis. In this study, we aimed to investigate both glomerular and tubular involvement in asymptomatic obese children and to investigate the association of metabolic-anthropometric parameters with renal parameters.Material-method: Children with BMI ≥95th percentile and diagnosed as primary obesity (n=43) were inclu...

hrp0086p2-p965 | Thyroid P2 | ESPE2016

An Unusual form of Precocious Puberty: Van Wyk and Grumbach Syndrome

Anık Ahmet , Avcı Esma Cigdem , Unuvar Tolga

Introduction: The association of precocious puberty and/or polycystic ovaries, delayed bone age and hypothyroidism is known as the Van Wyk and Grumbach syndrome (VWGS). Clinically this syndrome is a diagnostic challenge because hypothyroidism usually leads to pubertal and growth delay, whereas in case of VWGS hypothyroidism it leads to growth delay and precocious puberty. We report a boy with long-standing, untreated hypothyroidism who presented with precocious puberty.<p ...

hrp0086p2-p432 | Gonads &amp; DSD P2 | ESPE2016

45,X/47,XYY Chromosomal Mosaicism as a Cause of 46,XY Disorder of Sex Development

Anik Ahmet , Kasikci Esma Tugba , Sahin Suzan , Unuvar Tolga , Turkmen Munevver Kaynak

45,X/47,XYY mosaicism is quite rare, and, like 45,X/46,XY, it can be associated with mixed gonadal dysgenesis, Turner syndrome or apparently normal male/female phenotype. An infant aged 16 days, born full-term via spontaneous vaginal delivery to a 32 year-old G1P1 woman. His pregnancy and perinatal period were both uncomplicated except for maternal long QT syndrome. There was third degree cousin consanguinity between the parents. There was no any virilizing drug use and no mat...

hrp0084p3-1058 | Hypo | ESPE2015

Cystic Encephalomalacia and Infantile Spasm as a Complication of Transient and Mild Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia

Anik Ahmet , Anik Ayse , Unuvar Tolga , Tosun Ayse Fahriye , Dursun Siar , Akcan Abdullah Baris , Durum Yasemin , Turkmen Munevver Kaynak

Background: Although it is known that hypoglycaemia could cause severe negative effects on brain development and also infantile spasm, it has not been reported that transient hyperinsulinaemic hypoglycaemia, which spontaneously improves over a short time, may cause infantile spasms. Infantile spasm is a disorder of early childhood typically seen in first year of life characterized by the occurrence of sudden, brief, generally bilateral and symetric motor spasms of muscles of t...