hrp0092p1-59 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity | ESPE2019

Growth Patterns in Non-syndromic Childhood Overweight: Comparing Children with Early of Late Onset Weight Gain

German Alina , Vaisbourd Julia , Wikland Kerstin Albertsson , Gelander Lars , Holmgren Anton , Niklasson Aimon , Hochberg Ze'ev

Background: A rapid weight gain during infancy increases adult lean body mass, whereas weight gain during adiposity rebound at age 4-7 years results in increased adult fat mass and an increased risk of the metabolic syndrome and T2D. To understand the impact of age of obesity onset on growth, we classified non-syndromic childhood overweight into an early onset (EO, age 0-3) and a late onset (LO, age 3-7) group and characterized the growth patterns of the two.<...