hrp0095p1-538 | Multisystem Endocrine Disorders | ESPE2022

Capillary Hyperglycemia in Infants - A manifestation of endocrinological urgency, or not.

de Assis Galan Camila , Isabel Scheidt Maria , Cristina Pedroso de Paula Leila , Vanessa de Lima Silva Elis , Simão Medeiros Leonardo , de Oliveira Poswar Fabiano

Capillary hyperglycemia in critically ill infants is a situation with numerous interfering factors, from acute illnesses to concomitant use of medications and may or may not be a manifestation of endocrinological urgency. Clinical case: Female patient, 2 months old, with failure to thrive, hepatomegaly without cholestasis, polyuria and compensated metabolic acidosis. On admission, capillary blood glucose levels above 200 mg/dL were measured even without concomitant use of cort...