hrp0095p1-108 | Growth and Syndromes | ESPE2022

Efficacy, Observer-Reported Outcomes, and Safety of Once-Weekly Somapacitan in Children with Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD): 4-Year Results from the REAL 3 Trial

Sävendahl Lars , Battelino Tadej , Højby Rasmussen Michael , Brod Meryl , Wai Lee Kai , Saenger Paul , Horikawa Reiko

Children with GHD are currently treated with daily subcutaneous growth hormone (GH) injections, which can be burdensome. Somapacitan is a long-acting GH derivative in development for once-weekly use in children with GHD. REAL 3 (NCT02616562) is a phase 2, multinational, randomised, open label, controlled trial assessing efficacy and safety of somapacitan vs daily GH (Norditropin®). Prepubertal, GH-naïve children with GHD received 0.04 (n=16), 0.08 (n</e...