hrp0086rfc8.2 | Growth: Clinical | ESPE2016

Pharmacokinetic Modelling Predicts Native hGH Levels Following Administration of a Sustained-Release Prodrug, TransCon hGH, to Children with GHD

Sprogoe Kennett , Beckert Michael , Christoffersen Eva Dam , Gilfoyle David , Wegge Thomas

Background: TransCon Growth Hormone is a once-weekly sustained-release prodrug of recombinant human growth hormone (hGH, somatropin). Based on the inert TransCon prodrug technology unmodified hGH is released with a Cmax and AUC comparable to daily therapy. TransCon hGH leverages the known pharmacology of daily hGH and is being developed for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency (GHD).Objective and hypotheses: Both hGH levels and resulting IGF-I leve...