hrp0084fc2.6 | Bone & Mineral Metabolism | ESPE2015

A Contextual Feature-Based Recognition Approach to Quantify Trabecular Microstructure Using 1.5T Axial-MRI: An Innovative Methodology

Dimitri Paul , Lekadir Karim , Hoogendoorn Corne , Armitage Paul , Whitby Elspeth , King David , Eastell Richard , Frangi Alejandro

Background: In-vivo skeletal MRI imaging remains challenging due to the extremely short MR relaxation times (<1 ms) of protons bound to water in bone. However, each MRI sequence contains properties identifiable through feature-based recognition, highlighting characteristics relating to skeletal configuration. We thus present a novel statistical method for clinical 1.5 Tesla (T) MRI in quantifying trabecular microstructure and use HRpQCT to determine its accuracy.<...