hrp0094p1-166 | Growth B | ESPE2021

The BoneXpert adult height prediction method outperforms the Bayley and Pinneau method in tall male adolescents.

De Schepper Jean , Guisez Tanguy , Wijnand Justine , Cools Martine , Herregods Nele , Marieke den Brinker , Gielen Jan , Ernst Caroline , Gies Inge ,

Background and Aim: Adult height predictions by the manual Bayley and Pinneau (BP) method in tall boys have shown large confidence intervals up to a bone age of 15 years. The adult height (AH) BoneXpert prediction method, which is based on an automated bone age reading, has not been evaluated in tall adolescents. We therefore compared the bias between the manual BP method and the BoneXpert (BE) method in tall male Flemish adolescents.Pat...