hrp0086p1-p11 | Adrenal P1 | ESPE2016

Evaluation of the Glucocorticoid, Mineralocorticoid, and Adrenal Androgen Secretion Dynamics in A Large Cohort of Patients Aged 6–18 Years with Transfusion-dependent β-Thalassemia Major, with an Emphasis on the Impact of Cardiac Iron Load

Ucar Ahmet , Oner Nergiz , Ozek Gulcihan , Cetincakmak Mehmet Guli , Abuhandan Mahmut , Yildirim Ali , Kaya Cemil , Unverdi Sena , Emeksiz Hamdi Cihan , Yilmaz Yasin , Yetim Aylin

Background: The variable presence of adrenal insufficiency (AI) due to hypocortisolemia (HC) in patients with thalassemia is well established; however, the prevalence of adrenocortical hypofunction (ACH) in the zona glomerulosa and zona reticularis of the adrenal cortex is unknown.Objective and hypotheses: To establish the prevalence of ACH, we examined the cortisol response to 1 μg- and 250 μg- ACTH tests, plasma aldosterone (A)/plasma renin a...