hrp0097fc2.5 | Bone, Growth Plate and Mineral Metabolism | ESPE2023

Generation of novel genetic zebrafish models and using RNA-seq analysis to explore the role of ankrd11 gene on bone growth

Shangguan Huakun , Zeng Yan , Zhang Qianru , Chen Ruimin

Key words: KBG syndrome, ANKRD11, zebrafish, CRISPR/CasRx, Wnt signaling pathwayBackground: KBG syndrome (KBGS) is a rare condition caused by variant in ANKRD11 gene, which is characterized by intellectual disability, distinctive facial features, macrodontia of the upper central incisors, skeletal anomalies and short stature. Patients carrying loss-of-function ANKRD11 variants exhibit short stature due to defects of bone develop...