hrp0089fc11.1 | Bone, Growth Plate & Mineral Metabolism 2 | ESPE2018

Successful Immune Tolerance Induction in the First Case of Neutralizing Antibody Mediated Loss of Efficacy of Asfotase Alfa Treatment in Hypophosphatasia

Martos-Moreno Gabriel A , Gonzalez-Vicent Marta , Sebastian Elena , Argente Jesus

Introduction: Generation of neutralizing antibodies (Nab) is a complication in enzyme replacement therapies and can lead to loss of treatment efficacy. Asfotase alfa (AA) was recently approved as the first replacement therapy in severe hypophosphatasia (congenital deficiency of alkaline phosphatase [TNSALP]). We report a case of neutralizing antibody mediated loss of efficacy of AA treatment in hypophosphatasia and the successful result of immune tolerance ind...

hrp0086p1-p449 | Fat Metabolism and Obesity P1 | ESPE2016

Efficacy, Safety and Metabolic Effects of Carbohydrate Restriction in the Treatment of Obese Adolescents

Martos-Moreno Gabriel A , Gonzalez-Leal Rocio , Argente Jesus

Background: Dietary carbohydrate restriction in the treatment of obese adolescents could cause a substantial shift in the substrates used as an energy source, inducing changes on body composition and metabolism, but experience in this age range is limited.Objective: We assessed the influence of 6 months of dietary carbohydrate restriction on body composition and lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in obese adolescents.Method: Thirty-...

hrp0082p2-d3-388 | Fat Metabolism & Obesity (2) | ESPE2014

Metformin Treatment in Obese Children Enhances Weight Loss Related Improvement in Impaired Glucose Tolerance

Bartucci Andrea , Martos-Moreno Gabriel A. , Barrios Vicente , Argente Jesus

Background: Impaired glucose tolerance ((IGT), glucose ≥140mg/dl at 120’ in the oral-glucose-tolerance-test (OGTT)) is prevalent in childhood obesity. It is frequently reversed after weight loss, although an eventual role for metformin treatment has been postulated.Objective: To evaluate the benefits of metformin addition to conservative treatment on weight loss and IGT in obese children.Patients and methods: We studied ...

hrp0082p3-d2-681 | Bone (1) | ESPE2014

Variability in Clinical and Genetic Spectrum in Hypophosphatasia: Natural History in Two Patients

Martos-Moreno Gabriel A , Lerma Sergio , Garcia-Esparza Elena , Argente Jesus

Background: Hypophosphatasia (HPP) is inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion, although symptoms in heterozygous carriers are described. Age at symptom onset determines six clinical forms with different severity and prognosis, but showing phenotypic overlapping.Objective: We aimed to show this genetic and clinical variability by analyzing two cases.Case 1: Male, born at 38+5 weeks with 2250 g (−2.22 SDS) and 45 cm (&#8722...

hrp0089p1-p113 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity P1 | ESPE2018

Maternal Resveratrol Intake During Pregnancy and Lactation Modulates the Long-term Metabolic Effects of Maternal Nutrition on Offspring Depending on the Sex and Diet

Ros-Perez Purificacion , Diaz Francisca , Freire Alejandra , Argente-Arizon Pilar , Argente Jesus , A. Chowen Julie

Maternal nutrition can have significant long-term consequences on energy homeostasis in the offspring. However, whether resveratrol, with antioxidant and anti-obesity actions, can improve the impact of poor maternal nutrition on offspring metabolism remains largely unknown. We hypothesized that resveratrol intake by dams would protect the offspring against the harmful effects of a maternal high fat diet (HFD). We also determined if resveratrol’s effects are diet and sex d...

hrp0086p1-p447 | Fat Metabolism and Obesity P1 | ESPE2016

Neonatal Overnutrition Causes Sex and Age Dependant Long-Term Effects on Body Weight, Body Composition and Serum Triglyceride and Free Fatty Acid Levels

Argente-Arizon Pilar , Diaz Francisca , Fuente-Martin Esther , Chowen Julie Ann , Argente Jesus

Background: Neonatal over-nutrition (NON) can increase the propensity to become overweight and develop associated metabolic disturbances in later life. Moreover, some of these long-term effects are sexually dimorphic.Objective and hypotheses: We aimed to determine how NON affects body weight (BW), body composition and triglyceride (TG) and non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) levels. We hypothesized that the effects would be both age and sex dependant.<...

hrp0082p1-d1-110 | Fat Metabolism &amp; Obesity | ESPE2014

Free Fatty Acids Activate Hypothalamic Astrocytes in a Sexually Dimorphic Manner

Argente-Arizon Pilar , Fuente-Martin Esther , Diaz Francisca , Freire-Regatillo Alejandra , Argente Jesus , Chowen Julie A

Introduction: Obesity is known to associate with chronic systemic inflammation. However, hypothalamic inflammation also occurs in response to high fat diet (HFD)-induced obesity and is proposed to participate in central insulin/leptin resistance and the perpetuation of weight gain and systemic affectation. The weight gain and central responses to HFD differ between males and females. As hypothalamic glial cells are implicated in the central inflammatory response we hypothesize...

hrp0084p2-341 | Fat | ESPE2015

Palmitic Acid Could Modify Cognitive and Behavioural Functions Through Sex Specific Activation of Hippocampal Astrocytes

Frago Laura M , Freire-Regatillo Alejandra , Argente-Arizon Pilar , Argente Jesus , Chowen Julie A

Background: Prolonged poor dietary habits can result in hypothalamic inflammation and gliosis with more recent studies suggest that other brain areas may also be affected. Western or high fat diet intake has been associated with increased cognitive impairment and aberrant feeding behavior, with males and females being differentially affected. The hippocampus participates in both of these functions. Saturated free fatty acids can induce astrocyte inflammation and this could pot...

hrp0084p3-859 | Fat | ESPE2015

Long-Term Effects of Neonatal Over-Nutrition on Metabolic Equilibrium are Age and Sex Dependant

Argente-Arizon Pilar , Ros Purificacion , Diaz Francisca , Fuente-Martin Esther , Barrios Vicente , Chowen Julie A , Argente Jesus

Background: Neonatal over-nutrition (NON) can have a long-term effects on energy homeostasis and some of these effects may be sexually dimorphic.Objective and hypotheses: We aimed to determine how NON affects body weight (BW), body composition and cytokine levels throughout development and if these changes are sexually dimorphic. We hypothesised that the effects would be both age and sex dependant.Methods: At birth, Wistar rats wer...

hrp0082p2-d2-524 | Pituitary (1) | ESPE2014

Pituitary Stalk Interruption Syndrome: a Sequential Manner to Gain Pituitary Hormone Deficiencies with Still Unknown Molecular Basis

Jerez Elena , Echeverria Gabriela , Munoz-Calvo Teresa , Pozo-Roman Jesus , Martos-Moreno Gabriel , Argente Jesus

Background: Pituitary stalk interruption syndrome (PSIS) is characterized by the absence of the pituitary stalk, pituitary hypoplasia and an ectopic posterior pituitary.Objective: We aimed to retrospectively analyze the clinical, auxological, biochemical, and radiological findings in Spanish patients with PSIS.Patients and results: Of 27 patients, 25% were female and 75% male. Perinatal features, auxological and endocrine study at ...