hrp0084p3-952 | GH & IGF | ESPE2015

Linear Regression Model of Final Height Prediction Based on Pre-Treatment Data in Children with GH Deficiency Treated with GH

Hilczer Maciej , Smyczynska Joanna , Smyczynska Urszula , Stawerska Renata , Lewinski Andrzej

Background: Prediction of GH therapy effectiveness in children with short stature is an important issue in paediatric endocrinology.Objective and hypotheses: The aim of the study was to create a linear regression model of GH therapy effectiveness, based on the data available before treatment.Method: Retrospective analysis comprised the data of 150 short children (101 boys), diagnosed with isolated GH deficiency, who were treated wi...

hrp0092p1-355 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity (2) | ESPE2019

A Comparison of Insulin Resistance Indices: HOMA and Belfiore in 6-8-Year-Old, Properly Growing Children, Born Small for Gestational Age

Stawerska Renata , Lupinska Anna , Szalapska Malgorzata , Kolasa-Kicinska Marzena , Smyczynska Joanna , Hilczer Maciej , Lewinski Andrzej

Introduction: It is well known that low birth weight in children (born small for gestational age, SGA) predisposes them to the occurrence of obesity, insulin resistance (IR) and lipid disorders, observed even through the whole first decade of life. Thus, early diagnostics and prevention are very important. The HOMA index is used to assess insulin resistance (IRIHOMA). However, in some cases, high, prolonged postprandial insulin secretion is observed...

hrp0092p1-373 | Growth and Syndromes (to include Turner Syndrome) (2) | ESPE2019

Matrix Metalloproteinases, their Inhibitors and Neurotrophic Factors as Indicators of Cardiometabolic Risk in Turner Syndrome Girls

Blaszczyk Ewa , Lorek Milosz , Francuz Tomasz , Gieburowska Joanna , Tokarska Agnieszka , Gawlik Aneta

Context: Turner syndrome (TS) predisposes to obesity and related disorders being a part of the metabolic syndrome. As TS population is at a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases research for laboratory markers of metabolic complications is ongoing. Based on our previous observation special significance is attributed to MMPs (matrix metalloproteinases), their inhibitors TIMPs and neurotrophic factors, such as BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) and GDNF (...

hrp0092p1-384 | Growth and Syndromes (to include Turner Syndrome) (2) | ESPE2019

Pubertal Induction Amongst Girls with Turner Syndrome: A Review of Changing Practice Over 10 Years.

Elechi Hassan Abdullahi , Law James , Benson Joanna , Denvir Louise , Randell Tabitha , Sachdev Pooja

Background: Pubertal induction with incremental doses of oestrogen replacement is an important component of care offered to hypogonadal patients with Turner Syndrome (TS). Low dose oral ethinylestradiol (EE) has been extensively used in the UK but natural 17-β oestradiol (more physiological, cheaper and easily monitored in blood) is becoming increasingly popular.We undertook this audit to compare the efficacy and acceptability of...

hrp0092p1-421 | Thyroid (2) | ESPE2019

Zinc Transporter 8 (ZnT8) as a New Autoantigen in Thyroid Tissue – Preliminary Data

Bossowski Artur , Niklinska Wieslawa , Gasowska Marta , Polnik Dariusz , Szalecki Mieczyslaw , Miklosz Agnieszka , Chabowski Adrian , Reszec Joanna

Zinc (Zn) is a crucial trace mineral that regulates the expression and activation of biological molecules such as transcription factors, enzymes, adapters, channels, and growth factors, along with their receptors. Bioinformatics analysis of the human genome discloses that Zn may bind ~ 10% of all of the proteins found in the human organism. This remarkable finding highlights the physiological significance of Zn in molecules involved in cellular processes and thereby i...

hrp0092p2-242 | Pituitary, Neuroendocrinology and Puberty | ESPE2019

Evaluation of the of Alpha2-Adrenergic Receptors Stimulation Effect on Prolactin Secretion, Based on the Result of the Test with Clonidine Used in the Diagnosis of Children with Short Stature

Kolasa-Kicinska Marzena , Stawerska Renata , Lupinska Anna , Smyczynska Joanna , Hilczer Maciej , Lewinski Andrzej

Introduction: Prolactin (Prl) - secreting cells and growth hormone (GH) - secreting cells are derived from the common somatomammotropic cells. Prl secretion depends primarily on the inhibitory effects of dopamine and the stimulatory effects of TRH and estrogens. The effects of other factors, especially the stimulation of the adrenergic system, are not well recognized. It is known that presynaptic stimulation of the alpha2-adrenergic receptor results in suppres...

hrp0092p2-286 | Thyroid | ESPE2019

Management of Childhood Thyroid Nodules in Children a Large Group of Cases From a Single Center

Sieniawska Joanna , Makuch Magdalena , Mlodawska Anna , Maslowska Kamila , Krawczyk Sylwia , Kapczuk Iga , Ben-Skowronek Iwona

Background: Thyroid nodules are quite common in the adult population (13%)but are relatively rarely diagnosed in childhood (0.2-5%).There is a significantly higher risk of malignancy of paediatric thyroid nodules than that in adult patients. The authors of this publication present the observations of the occurrence, diagnosis, and treatment of patients with thyroid nodules in the Department of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetology, Medical University...

hrp0092p3-100 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity | ESPE2019

An Infant with Severe Hypertriglyceridemia: Acute and Long-Term Management in the Paediatric Population

Poon Sarah WY , Tsang Anita MC , Poon Grace WK , Tung Joanna YL

Background: Severe hypertriglyceridemia, defined as triglyceride concentration greater than 11.2 mmol/L, predisposes to acute pancreatitis, a serious complication with mortality rate as high as 6.5% in children (1).Our case highlights the use of insulin infusion to rapidly lower the triglyceride level and the long term management in a young infant with familial chylomicronemia syndrome (FCS) due to lipoprotein lipase deficiency.<stro...

hrp0092p3-317 | Late Breaking Abstracts | ESPE2019

Body Mass Index and Incident Type 1 Diabetes in Children from Lesser Poland Over an 11 Year Observation Period

Wasyl-Nawrot Barbara , Wójcik Małgorzata , Nazim Joanna , Skupień Jan , Starzyk Jerzy

Background: One of the speculated causes of the decreasing age of onset of type 1 diabetes is the increase in body weight in children. This so-called accelerator hypothesis is, however, controversial. The aim of the study was to test whether younger age of type 1 diabetes onset is associated with higher BMI-SDS at the time of diagnosis.Methods: Retrospective data analysis from medical records of all patients und...

hrp0089fc15.5 | Growth and Syndromes | ESPE2018

Utility of BDNF and MMP-1 as Markers of Cardiometabolic Risk in Turner Syndrome Girls

Błaszczyk Ewa , Miłosz Lorek , Francuz Tomasz , Gieburowska Joanna , Gawlik Aneta

Background: It remains unclear whether cardiometabolic and vascular risks in Turner syndrome (TS) are the consequence of unidentified intrinsic factors or, conversely, the result of modifiable risk factors, such as overweight. New markers that could explain the pathogenesis of metabolic complications are under investigation.Objective: The comparison of the selected biochemical cardiometabolic risk markers between TS patients and healthy controls.<p c...