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Partial Restoration of Biological Effects of Estrogen in a Female with Estrogen Receptor [alpha] Variant | ESPE2018
Eva Feigerlova; Henrik Laurell; Herve Mittre; Marie-Laure Kottler; Marc Deshayes; Patrick Balaguer; William Bourget; Jean-Franco
Published: 2018-08-28

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A Novel Homozygous Mutation in the Domain AF-2 of Alpha Estrogen Receptor Gene (ESR1), Generating a Bio-Inactive ER[alpha] Mutant, Resulting in Estrogen Resistance with Complex Metabolic Phenotype | ESPE2016
Eva Feigerlova; Henrik Laurell; Herve Mittre; Marie-Laure Kottler; Marc Deshayes; Patrick Balaguyer; Jean-Francois Arnal; Richar
Published: 2016-08-19

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Methyl Donor Deficiency Impairs Differentiation of Pre-Osteoblasts Through Disruption of Functional Interaction Between Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-Gamma Coactivator-1 Alpha and Vitamin D Receptor | ESPE2015
Eva Feigerlova; Rose Ghemrawi; Hassan Melhelm; Shyuefang Battaglia-Hsu; Lea Demarquet; Georges Weryha; Rosa-Maria Rodriguez-Guea
Published: 2015-08-26

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Methyl Donor Deficiency Impairs Pre-Osteoblast Differentiation Through PGC-1[alpha] Hypomethylation and Increased ERR[alpha] | ESPE2014
Eva Feigerlova; Essi Ewu; Georges Weryha; Brigitte Leininger; Jean-Louis Gueant
Published: 2014-08-28

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