hrp0092s4.2 | ISPAD/Complications of Type 1 Diabetes | ESPE2019

Novel Advances in Diabetic Retinopathy Screening and Management

Donaghue Kim

Screening for diabetic retinopathy has been expanded from ophthalmology-based assessments. Retinal photography can be used in primary care by trained photographers, and then graded by trained staff using Telemedicine. Ultrawide retinal cameras can now capture over 80% of the retina from a single image. It may be more predictive of progression to proliferative retinopathy than the traditional views, but cost of equipment for benefit is unclear. There have been advances in D...

hrp0089p1-p241 | Sex Differentiation, Gonads and Gynaecology or Sex Endocrinology P1 | ESPE2018

The Comparisons of the Adult Height Gain and the Menarchal Age of the Girls with Central Precocious Puberty after Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Agonist Alone and Those Treated with Combined Growth Hormone Therapy

Kim Se Young , Kim Minsub

Purpose: To investigate the outcomes of GH therapy combined with GnRH agonist for short girls who diagnosed with idiopathic CPP compared to whom treated with GnRH agonist alone.Methods: We performed retrospective reviews, among 1636 patients managed for CPP, collected data of the 166 girls with CPP treated with GnRHa for 36 months or more from January 2002 to December 2016. We divided groups of patients received GnRHa alone (Group A, n=135) or G...

hrp0092p1-340 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity (2) | ESPE2019

Secular Change in Waist Circumference and Waist-Height Ratio in Korean Children and Adolescents Over 10 Years and Effort to Identity Optimal Cutoff for Cardiometabolic Risk

Kim Se Young , Kim Jae Hyun

Purpose: The aims of this study were to identify the secular changes of WC and WHR, to compare WC with the prior Korean reference, to confirm the distribution of mean WHR values by age and sex, and to determine if WHR cutoff value of 0.5 is an appropriate predicting factor of cardiometabolic risk in childhood, using nationally representative data in children and adolescents.Methods: We performed a retrospective, cross-se...

hrp0086p2-p946 | Thyroid P2 | ESPE2016

The Aim of This Study was to Recognize Difference between Transient Congenital Hypothyroidism (TCH) from Permanent Congenital Hypothyroidism by Determining Clinical Characteristics, Laboratory Tests and Imaging Studies

Kim Se Young , Kim Min Sub

Methods: We performed retrospective study using database of the patients with congenital hypothyroidism treated with or without Levo-Thyroxine at Bundang Jesaeng General Hospital, from January 1998 to February 2016. Their ages, birth weights, gestational ages, symptoms, ages at diagnosis and treatment were recorded. We measured TSH, free thyroxine (FT4), triiodothyronine (TT3) levels at diagnosis and treatment, and those levels at one, two and three months after treatment. Thy...

hrp0092p1-339 | Fat, Metabolism and Obesity (2) | ESPE2019

Elevated High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein Level is Associated with Prediabetes and Adiposity in Korean Children and Adolescents.

Shin Sohyun , Kim Jaehyun

Objectives: Obesity is a chronic low-grade inflammatory condition that increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Elevated high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) has been associated with cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome in adults. We investigated whether hs-CRP represents a risk factor for obesity and cardiometabolic diseases in Korean children and adolescents using nationally representative data.<...

hrp0092p1-83 | GH and IGFs | ESPE2019

Identification of Novel Recessive IGFALS Mutations and INSR Variant in an Obese Korean Boy

Kim Yoo-Mi , Lim Han Hyuk , Kim Seon Young

IGFALSgene is located in chromosome 16p13.3 encoding acid labile subunit which binds insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) to increase their half-life and vascular localization. The biallelic defect of this gene leads to acid-labile subunit deficiency characterized by postnatal growth retardation, insulin resistance, delayed puberty, and no growth hormone deficiency. A 5-year-old-boy was referred to as low IGF-1 and cortisol level. He presented with obesity and growth re...

hrp0092p3-156 | Growth and Syndromes (to include Turner Syndrome) | ESPE2019

Growth Status of Children and Adolescent Born Full Term Small-for-Gestational-Age in Korea: Data from the KNHANES-V (2010–2011)

Kim Ji Hyun , Kim Dong Ho , Lim Jung Sub

Background: Currently, little information is available on current growth status according to birth weight at gestational age (BWGA) on Korean adolescents. Herein, the current height and weight of Korean adolescents who were born as small for gestational age (SGA) were compared to those of the non-SGA groups.Methods: Data from the population-based nationwide Korean survey 5th Korea National Health and Nutrition Examinatio...

hrp0086p1-p819 | Syndromes: Mechanisms and Management P1 | ESPE2016

Clinical and Molecular Characterization of a Newly Recognized Overgrowth Syndrome: Interstitial 7q22.1-7q22.3 Microdeletion

Cheon Chong Kun , Kim Yoo-Mi , Kim Su Young

Background: Overgrowth syndromes comprise a group of disorders associated with excessive growth and other features such as facial dysmorphism, developmental delay, neurological problems and an increased risk of neoplasia. The genetic basis for many of these conditions is being increasingly elucidated. Here, we report on a 3-year-old boy who was referred for evaluation of generalized overgrowth.Objective and hypotheses: Our hypotheses is that unclassified...

hrp0082p2-d2-304 | Bone (1) | ESPE2014

Age-and Gender-Specific Reference Values of Bone Mineral Density in Korean Adolescents and Young Adults

Hye Kim Shin , Jung Park Mi , Hee Kim Duk

Background: Low bone mass during growth may increase risk of fracture. Adequate reference data for bone mineral density (BMD) are needed to identify adolescents with bone deficit.Objective and hypotheses: We aimed to provide normative values and reference curves for BMD in Korean adolescents and young adults.Method: Using the data from Korean Nutrition Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) in 2008–2011, a total of ...